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COBE WATER INDUSTRIES Sea Water Desalination Process

Water Desalination Plant With 50% Less Energy Consumption. Yes that's right. Let's talk!

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    With our desalination process, there is big money to be saved, compared to market solutions that operates today.


    We run our desalination process with 50% less energy consumption than current market alternatives.


    0% brine production with our process, leaves an even better climate footprint for our nature and environment.

    Our Advantages You have a number of reasons to choose us!

    We can desalinate highly saline or brackish water, without increasing energy or using any chemicals in our process. Low construction cost & parts.

    • +95% Efficiency
    • No Brine, Salt production
    • 50% Less Energy Consumption

    Affordable We can offer an affordable and fast setup.

    Our process can be provided worldwide, with 50% less energy consumption than other market solutions today. This gives us the advantage to offer a more affordable setup. We can also almost source all of the parts needed, locally.

    • We have an affordable process since we don’t need to boil water.
    • We take care of the salt for you. Leaving the nature with a smile.
    • Without increasing energy consumption or using chemicals.

    Meet Our Team We are the people behind the curtain, here to help you.

    Dennis Cobélean Founder / CEO

    Andréas Miklja Managing Partner / Sales

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I come in contact with you?

    Feel free, to fill in the form at the bottom of the page, we will be happy to reach back to you shortly. This will be the easiest way to start communicating with us.

    Can I buy the product today?

    We do not physically sell a product, it’s a process. To know more about what we do, and how we could assist you in the desalination process, please call or fill in the form. Let’s schedule a meeting!

    What do you mean by 50% less energy consumption?

    We can reduce energy consumption by at least 50% with our process. Since we don’t need to boil the water, we can save energy.

    What do you mean by fast setup?

    Compared to other market solutions today, we can source and use most of the parts locally. This makes the turnaround and set up much faster, as well as the possibility to scale up our process.

    How can you have 95% efficiency?

    With proven data, we are much more efficient than current market solutions.
    Request an appointment with us, and we will be glad to discuss more with you.

    Where do you operate?

    We have our Head Office in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Although most of our meetings are normally scheduled thru zoom, we work globally. If you want to talk more about partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    It's time to take care of the world's problem! Set-up an appointment to find out how we can solve problems before they start.